• Mobile
  • Sweetie Town Mini-games

    Sweetie Town is a mini game series co-developed with TaPlay, group named in “Tea Break”. The key character is a cat called “Kitty” who loves sweet tastes. The games are themed in desserts and Kitty is “cosplayed” to be different jobs. All games are puzzle games and play time is about 30sec, which is the best for […]

  • Illustration
  • NestFive Facebook Updates

    NestFive is a family social media app. These illustrations are for promoting the app, which simulates the daily life of “NestFive family” and demonstrate how NestFive functions connect the family members. The core character is a 3-members family. Their relative and friends will appear in different occasions.

  • Mobile
  • Momentary App

    Momentary is a photo diary app co-developed by Petit Mill and Kolorbox. Users can edit photos with filter and stickers to spice up their diary entries. Various stickers can be obtained by in-app purchase in “Market” section. It also equips with passcode and skin function.

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